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    Thread: MK4Forum Offsets & Tire Sizes Request Thread

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      04-05-2012 05:59 PM #1
      With the recent increase in threads regarding what size adapters/spacers and tire sizes to run. I thought one master thread would help cut down on so many threads regarding some of the similar questions.
      This isn't another thread asking you to post your car and your specs. It's more of a thread to have information regarding the same type of subject in one place. Since so many people aren't sure what is needed to help them get the stance they need please answer the questions below so that we can help you.

      Wheel Size:
      Width (F & R):
      Offset (F & R):

      It may also be beneficial to supply your cars height, but I know not everyone had their numbers and would need to measure. Once you have supplied those 3 pieces of information we will be able to tell you what size adapters/spacers & tires will work best (in our own personal opinion). And should you be looking to change lips/barrels, most people on the forum know how to calculate the math to figure out what the new offset would be. For those who don't know, I would suggest looking through Calvins thread here: http://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?4256707

      If you need adapter sizes, please post the bolt pattern and center bore of the wheel you are looking to adapt.

      For most stock mk4s people run 5,8, or 10mm front and 15,17.5,20mm for the rear. Lets not clog this thread up with questions asking about stock mk4 wheels since that info has been covered a ton of times already and can easly be found in the archives.

      Another helpful thread regarding offsets is Dragon813gt's thread: http://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?3318328

      Please visit the Mk4 Wheel Offset and Stance Picture Index for pictures and details of cars on all wheel diameters, widths and offsets. You may find what you need before having to write a post. But if not, feel free to ask for help! Link to thread: http://forums.vwvortex.com/showthrea...-Picture-Index

      Credit to Travy for creating the original thread.
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