I chipped my windscreen 2 years ago and hit it 'filled' but I'm tired of looking at the repair and am considering putting in a new windscreen altogether to make it look nice and new again.

Question: I've ordered an OEM windscreen and getting it installed at the dealership, I assume once it's in it will look absolutely brand new around the edges and seals correct? I won't have something where the seals don't look as straight and perfect as they are now will I? Otherwise I'd rather just live with the chip. Also, it won't lead to possible rattles the way say taking the door apart might?

Love any advice, as I don't want to wreck anything else just to fix this tiny inconvenience. I really don't want to compromise the flushness and neatness of the trim anywhere just to get rid of the tiny repaired chip on the windscreen. I only want to do it if it's 100% perfect and good as new. Otherwise forget it.