everything on the 200 is now for sale, IF i have it.

here are the parts i have at the moment with prices.



i accept credit cards and debit cards and paypal(plus fees)

Items For sale:
passenger side Mirror SOLD

i have a set of 6x9 audiobahn speakers for a 200/v8 maybe they will fit other cars.

they are NEW and in great shape, i no longer have the 200 so they are for sale.

6x9 3 way speakers NLA as they came out with a newer version but still the same speakers.

100$ plus shipping

grant steering wheel like NEW, wasnt used much. still has the allen bolts. NO HUB. 100 shipped.

2 front black 200 arm rest for door-200 style-40 for the pair
1 left black 200 arm rest for door-200 sedan style-20

2 "Big" 20vt turbo oil lines-40$ each
1 steering wheel-25$
2 airbags-25 each

I have a customized 10vt 2 piece exhaust.

from the downpipe back to the single cat and ends before the muffler. used to be a straight pipe, but for emissions before i bought the car, i had a SMALL cat converter added.

the downpipe back to the muffler is 2.75inch

the muffler is a flowmaster 3 inch exit exaust.

300 shipped

2 rear bulb holders-10$
1 set black painted Chrome front fender front side trim no broken tabs 20
1 front chrome grill strip with rubber- 75$
1 set chrome 20vt grill side strips- a few broken tabs but still VERY nice- 35
1 passenger side carpet trim for middle console-15
1 driver side carpet trim for middle console-15
1 10vt intake manifold no TB-35
1 middle console black leather w/ climate control-45
1 shift boot 20vt/10vt-25
1 set black leather A pillar trim-25
1 new antennae-auto up and down-35-chinese but new
1 ECU cover black carpet-10
1 black dash and trim for cluster-100$
2 sides for the dash-SOLD
1 wood grain trim for front dash-sold
outer door trim in fantastic condition-both sides-75$
rolled front 10vt 200 fenders-50 each
1 e-brake console black-25
1 km/h 288243kwh speedo cluster-SOLD
1 airpress sunroof visor-75-VERY NICE
1 spare 20vt 200 RG 063 with tire-GONE
1 200 rotors front-sold
1 set V8 tail lights no cracks corners-80$ middle piece is VHT in the middle, but will clean up or sell for less-60$
1 set of lock tumblers, drivers door,passenger door and ignition-45
1 set seat slider plastic covers-25
1 sedan steering stalk-SOLD
1 avant steering stalk-35
1 anti lock switch-10
1 rear defrost switch-10
1 foglight switch-10
1 sunroof panel switch-sold
1 sunroof motor-35
1 1976 Audi 100 "audi" emblem SOLD
OEM audi rings, turbo, and 200 emblems SOLD
2 master window and mirror controls-10 each
2 muffler/exhaust rings-5 each
1 passenger window switches front or back- 5 each
2 license plate light retainers-5 for both
2 rear door cigarette ash tray gray-sold
1 distributor cap, 10v, new -20
1 set v8 C-pillar exterior trim-10 for both sides
1 climate control-25
1 200 20vt front swaybar-sold
1 200 10vt front swaybar-sold
1 silver gas door-5
1 black gas door-5

a few rear passenger window reg/ motor-45 each
a few front passenger window reg/motor-45 each
1 driver side front window reg/motor-45
1 driver side pass reg/motor-45

1 15x 16.5 steelie with new tire-GONE
1 radiator-GONE
COMPLETE engine/ car harness from tail lights to engine minus the radio part which was cut before i go the car-GONE
MAC-14 ECU 95$
Air box, CIS metering head and fuel lines, Fuel Filter and whatever is attached when i pulled it out of the car-250
Adjustable Wastegate-75
Steering rack,-GONE

clear corners for a B4


40 shipped

Front g60 brakes SOLD

Rear brakes are GONE

NO RETURNS on ANY ITEM. No Guarantee that parts will last
To the best of my Knowledge and info from trusted individuals item condition is true