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      When you pull on the lever that the cabel would for the cutch does it go past 9:00 postition? If it gets real hard around the 9:00 position then all is well, if it doesn't and keeps going as far as you want to pull it, then you have internal issues...your trans is in need of rebuild usually.

      Under the green cap where the throw out bearing is, there is a finger that pushes on the clutch rod. If that is cracked it will work usually out of the car, but not running. If you haven't checked that you need to do that as well.

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      06-04-2012 07:46 AM #3
      So on a 97 tdi is the t/o bearing behind the green cap on the tranny or is it in the bell housing, I have a few corrados with the hydro clutch set up, are these parts interchangeable? I'm having similar issues, replaced slave, got good pressure, but the car won't go in or out of gear, so I'm gonna do a clutch and t/o bearing just wanted to know what I was getting into, if I can get away with the t/o bearing I'll save breaking the case and block apart. Any inputs appreciated!

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