Hey guys,

I'm presently looking at a 2009 GTI. It's really clean and was (apparently) driven by a 52 year-old lady who traded it in for a 2012 GTI. I was really looking for a manual, but after trying the DSG, I was quite impressed. Only thing that concerns me is the reliability/durability of these systems. The car has 104,000 km (65,000 miles?).

-What is the estimated time interval between DSG clutch changes if it was:
Driven by a 52 year-old lady?
Driven by her husband? (a little more aggressive and spirited)
Driven by her 21 year old son? (borderline beaten)

-Is it possible to replace the clutches myself?
(I am not in any ways an experienced mechanic, but have changed my clutch on my mk3 and do small maintenance such as suspension links and brakes on my Mazda)

-If I were to do it myself, how much?

-If I was to let Volkswagen do the work, how much?

-What's the overall reliability to be expected on a DSG system on a 2009? I heard they were hell the first few years, but have gotten better. Any common issues to watch out for?

And lastly,
-Is it worth it? I've always been a die-hard manual trans kind of guy because of the driving feel and enjoyment, the controllability. Although my first impressions of the DSG were excellent, I don't know if I'm ready to commit. It's a good deal on it, and it's hard to find GTIs in good condition, but I'm going to keep this car "for ever" or until something catastrophic happens to it. This is going to be my last car before fatherhood. (shivers)

Thanks a ton, I await your answers patiently.