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    Thread: Went to the range for the first time today

    1. Member DSG-TDI's Avatar
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      Mar 7th, 2002
      04-08-2012 12:50 AM #1

      How'd I do? A friend and I went to the range today and took the basic 'learn how to shoot' course; I've never shot a single live round and it's been 15 years+ for my friend, so the instructor had to cover all the basics at first.

      He had us shoot a S&W .22 semi pistol. He had me try and shoot the center target with one clip; the head with another; the area around 7 and 8 and then 9 with the last two reloads. I only terribly missed with the first few rounds for the headshot.

      Man, was it addicting. Planning on taking the concealed carry class on Monday night which also includes more range time; I'm planning on trying out a 9mm that night, and then renting a .45 some other time before I even start thinking about what to get.

      My friend and I are thinking of having our wives also take the class as well; we figure that whatever we end up buying, they need to know how to use it.

      We had a break-in two years ago, and that really sucked. A few months ago, one of the sliding door pressure sensors was going south and triggering the alarm in the middle of the night; it's the worst feeling ever to wake up at 3am with that damn alarm beeping and you got nothing to take outside the bedroom with you to search around the house just in case.

    2. 04-08-2012 02:02 AM #2
      Good shooting. I don't see many of the normal errors (look at most new shooters and you'll see a lot of low-left groupings). The .22LR of course is silly easy to shoot.

      It's addicting, but be careful, ammo is more expensive than gas.

    3. Member Power5's Avatar
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      Jun 19th, 2001
      Cincinnati, Ohio
      '14 Chevy Volt All black / 2001 Camaro SS M6 T-Top Black on Black
      04-08-2012 11:38 AM #3
      Never try to search your house if you think someone is really in the house. Stay in your room, close the door and call the cops. If someone does try to come into your room you will know exactly where their entry point has to be.

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