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    Thread: Another idle issue...

    1. Member smawgunner45's Avatar
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      Aug 18th, 2005
      Columbus, Ohio
      93 Corrado VR6
      04-08-2012 01:02 PM #1
      Did some searching but nothing exactly like my issue. It's a 93 with distributor. Runs decent when cold, but after about 5 minutes of driving, it won't hold an idle and often stalls when coming to a stop light. It's got great power throughout, and responds when revved, but the idle drops to almost zero, then tries to compensate by bouncing around. It starts right up though but then idles at 300 or else dies. This just came out of the blue too. Thoughts??
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    2. Member vwrabbit87's Avatar
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      Sep 9th, 2005
      Fall River, MA
      93 Sport Luxury Coupe
      04-08-2012 06:49 PM #2
      I had a similar issue.. I scanned it, came back with cam sensor and crank sensor faults, I originally thought it was the isv, which I replaced, but the symptoms didn't go Away until I replaced the crank sensor..

      I was talking with another member here and he had similar issues and he replaced the fuel pump and fuel pump relay..

      Id get the car scanned for faults, and work from there.. Cleaning out the isv wouldnt be a bad idea either..

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