2001 VW Golf ~110,000 miles Recent maintenance includes oil change, plugs, air filter.

So yesterday I drained my oil to get the filter out of the way, then replaced my crank position sensor. What an annoying job. Anyhow, when fanangling the sensor's wires outside of the carious clips along the dipstick etc, i snapped the dipstick tube in two places. I put on a new filter, and put oil back in. I wasn't really sure if oil would come gushing out of the dipstick hole so i had a friend rev the car in place while i watched, but i didn't see anything.
I didn't rev the car under load until this morning when i tried to drive to work. I couldn't get above 10mph or 1200 rpm. the car kept bucking and trying to stall out, eventually turning off in probably less than two minutes. I gingerly limped the car home under the little bit of power i was allowed with such low rpm and the wild bucking. The car never stalled out in the way it would if you were just bad at drinking stick, it just cut out eventually. Clicking sounds sometimes heard under bucking, but im not sure this is related to anything other than maybe the under trays clicking around due to the crazy bucking?

I plan to replace the dipstick tube Monday during my break from work. Would the broken tube cause perhaps a drop in pressure/these problems, or is there likely an issue with my installation of the crank position sensor? I dont really know how i could have installed it incorrectly, as i just popped the new one in, bolted it down, reconnected it at the other end...
Any other ideas?