A couple of months ago a buddy of mine, a home builder, was telling me about this older Mercedes he ended up with. I say "ended up with" because he was given it as partial payment from a customer he built a home addition for. I dismissed it for the most part because I wasnt very well versed in old Benzes, so I never went to check it out and I forgot about it.

Last week I'm at his brothers house for dinner and once again the Benz is brought up. Everyone keeps telling me how cool it is and that I really need to take a look at it. I'm not one to not want to look at a car, so off we went. I knew the first moment I laid eyes on it that I was in trouble. It was sitting low, really low, bathed in Anthracite with matching three-peice OZ AMGs. Everything looked good, not perfect, but you could definitely tell it was taken care of. I learn it's a 1982 500se AMG grey market import that a guy local to me used to own and did most of the work to. The suspension is tight, but rides smoother than a Town car. It shifts firm but not hard, power is.... ample, the steering is tight and heavy, but very slightly dead on center. It needs some things, but they're all small and very normal for a 30yr old 130,000 mile car.

Now it's mine, here it is, just some point and shoots at the moment.

Some of you from the Washington area might have seen the car before, or if you frequent MB forums a lot. There aren't many of these in the states, I've found 3 so far. It's been to a few of the euro meets/shows in the PNW and there's video of it from the 2010 Leavenworth cruise.

It's here at about 2:00.

I've found a little bit about it on the innernet, a build thread on Stanceworks, as well as similar threads on MB, BMW and VW sites:

It was owned by a guy I only know of as "Lucky" and I he was a member here on the 'tex as well under the user name Badways.

Anyways, I've got some Easter cleaning/cooking to do, but I thought I'd share my new favorite thing with everyone. If any W126 experts care to chime it it would be greatly appreciated. The car is a 4 speed and currently not going into 4th, I've heard that there is a valve/solenoid that could cause this as well as the bowden cable adjustment. Any ideas?

Thanks for looking.