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    Thread: P0442 code '98 Golf III

    1. Junior Member
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      Jun 6th, 2009
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      98 VW Golf
      04-09-2012 07:01 AM #1
      Trying to hunt down elusive P0442 code on my '98 Golf III.

      As of yesterday I swapped out the gas cap, but if I remember correctly, this did not resolve the issue previously.

      I have visually inspected as much of the vacuum tubing as I reasonably can. I ran the car and sprayed nearly ever inch of vac tubing that I could see with carb cleaner and didn't hear any stumbling or alternation to idle. I think this is a good thing.

      This is the only persistent code on my car and I need to get it inspected.

      I've done a lot of reading and know that I should check the Leak Detection pump and perhaps the Purge valve. Where can I find these on the car? Several months ago I had intermittent no starts and the garage I took it to said they cleaned/blew out the purge valve, but my code continued to persist, and they didn't fix the no start either. No start ultimately turned out to be a flaky alarm.

      One source said LDP was under right rear fender by gas fill tube. That didn't pan out. There's a vac hose on the front side of the gas fill tube, and it looks like it connects to a vac port that enters the rear side of the fill tube by the gas cap.

      Anyone have a picture of definitive location for LDP and purge valve for a '98 Golf III mexican made?

    2. Member JonahD_1985's Avatar
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      Jan 4th, 2011
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      04-09-2012 07:51 AM #2
      When I threw that code I also tried changing the gas cap, mainly cause I didnt want to pay my garage $80/hr for them to tell me hey its a $40 (from VW dealer) gas cap. Anyways it ended up being the purge valve, I forget how much one costs, but it was fairly inexpensive.

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