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    Thread: The BBS Stainless Rim Guard is awesome!

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      04-09-2012 02:24 PM #1
      A bit over a week ago, my front driver side CH-R had a very brief but unfortunate meet up with a piece of rogue concrete on a local freeway here in Houston.

      The result was not pretty....sorry for the iPhone Camera shots....

      The damaged area is about 1" long...and relatively minor cosmetically outside of looking at it from about 3 feet. But I knew it was there and it bugged the hell out of me.

      Repair? For years, we have seen this idea played upon with multipiece wheels where a lip could be replaced, rather than the entire wheel. This often left the rest of us, that liked single piece wheels no options outside of taking our wheels to a wheel repair shop....with varying levels of results. The BBS CH-R is designed with a pattended Stainless Steel Rim Guard - a replaceable part for a situation just like this one. The replacement part will run you 50-75 dollars or so....mine came directly from BBS in Braselton, GA. I was told, the wheel can stay on the rim and the rim mounted to the car. Alright, lets see how this works...

      Deep breath....and I took a large flat head screw driver and further seperated the guard from the wheel...minding the faceof the wheel, I pulled the out, and then with a slight pull along outside of the wheel, it pops right off.....


      That leaves us with the wheel, sans guard.....

      You can see the area where the damage was around 11oclock on the wheel.
      This picture was after I used a bit of 400 grit paper to smooth down the area. I wasnt concerned about the cosmetic as the area would be covered by the new guard. I just wanted to ensure that the new guard could lay flat over the area. You will notice a slightly raised area on the outside of the wheel, this small, plateau style lip allows the concave stainless ring to pop perfectly in place, so no guessing is necessiary. This wheel is now ready, after I removed any excess residue from the old rim guard adhesive with goo gone.

      After removing the backing from the new rim guard (handle gently, it is thin and frail and you dont want it to bend!)...

      Pretty awesome huh? One more, upclose, same photo as the first one depicting the original damage....

      When many of us buy wheels for our cars we think of design, fit, finish, performance, weight, strength...but we dont think about repairing damage. Something we all will run into some day at some time, if your at fault, or not. I know when I decided upon the CH-R I didnt think much about it...but now, having seen the technology work first hand....its realy impressive.

      Kudos to BBS for an awesome idea and design. This whole process took me 20 minutes, and 15 of that was cleaning the residue up from the old guard. Its amazing to know that a wheel can be back good as normal for less than 75 bucks or so in mere minutes. A great way to protect your investment.
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      06-05-2012 12:21 PM #2
      That is a great idea! Those wheeels look amazing too.

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