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    Thread: Rear Signals broken 06 Jetta 2.5L

    1. 04-09-2012 03:39 PM #1
      My lights work perfectly fine when my lights are turned off. When I turn my lights on when getting dark I can drive for about 30 minutes until my rear turn signals go out. First the left rear will go out then the right rear will. It tells me in the display area when they go out. I can turn my lights off and then on again and it will reset, my rear signals will work again until I press the brake, then they go out again. I can turn the lights off and then on 4 times to reset, after that they will stay out permanently until I shut the car down completely. Also have to wait for about an hr. before driving again or light problem will continue to persist. Please anyone help me or any suggestions. Can't afford to get pulled over again.

    2. Member xJOKERx's Avatar
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      Apr 8th, 2009
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      04-09-2012 05:55 PM #2
      I know it sounds like a stupid question but did you check the bulbs?

      relays? fuses? also

    3. 04-09-2012 09:53 PM #3
      I did check all the fuses and bulbs. But also figured that wasn't the problem because the rear signals work fine with the lights off.

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