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    Thread: '99 Passat 1.8---intermittant starter issues

    1. 04-10-2012 03:23 PM #1
      I have a '99 Passat with the 1.8T and auto trans. that does not always crank over, when you go to start it. Most of the time it cranks over and starts just fine, but there are times when you turn the key to the "start" position and nothing happens. Sometimes you have to turn the key back and forth a few times to get it to start and other times just holding the key in the "start" position for a few seconds and it will start.

      I've checked the starter and everytime that I applied 12 volts to the terminal 50 at the starter, it worked, but if I go back to start it with the key it goes back to random cranking. I removed the ignition switch and bench tested that with an ohmmeter and it works everytime.

      Do I have something going on with the Starter Interlock Relay?

    2. Semi-n00b
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      Sep 29th, 2008
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      12-28-2012 12:25 PM #2
      i have 03 gti it will not start first thing in the morning no one has responded???

    3. 12-31-2012 07:00 PM #3
      I have precisely the same issue with my 2002 Passat 1.8T with 5 speed manual transmission. Were you able to diagose the cause of problem and get it resolved? I mentioned it to my VW dealership service department. They checked the car's computer and said there were no error codes. Therefore, they were unable to determine what might be wrong. Of course, when I was at the dealership the car started perfectly, at least 20 times in a row.

    4. 01-01-2013 06:06 PM #4
      If you feel like doing this yourself I suggest pulling the starter interlock relay an bench testing it also check for corrosion on all terminals along the way down to the interlock on the manual I would suggest checking the neutral safety switch as that is just to poll positive negative switch give those idea

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