Okay so my sister has a 2000 passat wagon with a 1.8t and an auto transmission. The problems started when it would have trouble catching gears and getting off the line. I would be sitting at a light with it and the idle would bob between 800 and 1000 while sitting there in drive. If I put it in nuetral the issue would stop. Wasn't sure why it was doing it so she kept driving it. Then I noticed that you would hit the gas while driving and it would rev like it was in nuetral. It would also lurch forward off the line on occasion. Obviously something was wrong here.

This all leads up to now. When you put the car in reverse it goes no where and when put in drive you need to seriously rev it before it will go anywhere. So what do you guys think? Is the tranny shot? I know nothing about automatic transmissions so I'm a bit confused at the moment. The car has about 120k on it. Thanks for any help.