Hey i got i a 1996 gti 2.0 for sale.

its flat black, lowered

Reason fro selling it its becasue it started to do a ticking sound. i would like to fix it but i dont have time, a place and money to fix it. before the ticking it ran really good,

the bad:
engine has a tickinng sound
the oil filter housing gasket needs replacing (easy job)
needs a tune up. (maybe just wires and caope and rotor)
breaks need to be turned or replaced.
sunroof leaks
registration is due this month but will pay fees for it.

the good,
once the ticking is fixed it will go for a long time
sunroof works (but leaks... )
already wired for a sub
little more prep and ready for the spray booth

bonus for you transformer guys....

owner before me scratched an autobot logo on the hood and trunk.

car is located in san jose, but i live in san francisco. well if anyone would like to get some picture or more info please contact me at 415-756-5133
the price is obo. but now lowballers, i already got a quote from pick and pull.