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    Thread: What would TCL do? Used ('08-'10) BMW 328ci or new lease special Audi A5 or BMW 328ci.

    1. Member pezzy84's Avatar
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      Apr 12th, 2003
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      04-11-2012 12:29 AM #1
      So I have a conundrum. My partner and myself have recently come into the position that he is able to afford the 'car of his dreams' and we are looking to make a move very soon.

      Requirements: Automatic (besides for color that is about it)


      My partner has pretty much driven nothing but Toyotas his entire life except for a Mitsubishi which burned him badly and a few company cars (Liberty and Altima) which he could have cared 2 $hits about. He Toyotas because he has had such good luck with them.

      He could care less about 0-60, slalom times, braking distances, etc. Basically the typical Toyota driver. From our 8 years together I gather that as long as the car performs like a Camry he will be happy as a clam. His "benchmarks" for performance are his '02 Celica being sporty and his company '07 Altima 2.5 being fast. When he has driven my cars ('03 Golf, '06 Jetta, '10 Mazda 3) he always comments that they drive much better than his car, however strangely he is still very content with driving mediocre Toyotas. Don't ask.

      To make a long story short he only likes the 3 and A5 because they look good and will project a good image for him.

      What we are looking at:

      BMW 3 Series:

      He has been looking for used 3 series coupes in the $25-30k range which we are finding some nice examples in the '08-'09 range with anywhere from 20-60k miles. I will not let him go older than '08 if he goes used. Most are lease returns and are generally in pretty good condition and have been pretty decently optioned up. Unfortunately Certified Pre-Owned are VERY hard to find in this price range.

      I keep steering him away from the 335 as #1 he will NEVER use the performance of the twin turbo and #2 I would rather have him in the more reliable 328.

      Would probably be lesser optioned than the used example but would be under warranty have have maintenance included.

      Audi A5:

      Used examples in our area have not come down to his price range so if he went this route he would have to go new lease special. The only bad with Audi is maintenance is not included like with the BMW.


      This will be a dealer serviced car and driven 13-15k annually. His Scion tC will fetch about 2500-4000 from equity at trade in and he is looking to stay in the $450-550 monthly range.

      What I am shooting for:

      I am pushing hard for the lease specials due to the warranty and maintenance included on the BMW. After my Volkswagen experiences ('03 and '06) I am terrified to have him buy a 60k miles BMW and have to listen to the subsequent bitching about an unreliable car (especially after 18 years of Toyotas). On the other hand my Volkswagens fell apart spectacularly under warranty so it could be the same no matter which way we go.

      So what would TCL do?
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    2. 04-11-2012 01:06 AM #2
      what is your gender OP?

    3. Member pezzy84's Avatar
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      Apr 12th, 2003
      Atlanta, GA
      04-11-2012 01:23 AM #3
      Quote Originally Posted by jason_kendall View Post
      what is your gender OP?
      This is not relevant to the topic.

    4. 04-11-2012 02:06 AM #4
      Quote Originally Posted by pezzy84 View Post
      This is not relevant to the topic.
      in that case get a miata

      lol jk bro

      get the audi a5, its a stylish car, with decent power and good fuel economy.

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    6. Member Klim18's Avatar
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      Nov 12th, 2008
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      04-11-2012 02:56 AM #6
      Quote Originally Posted by jason_kendall View Post
      what is your gender OP?

    7. Member rlfletch's Avatar
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      Jun 11th, 2000
      2015 Audi S4, e-Golf
      04-11-2012 03:14 AM #7
      Audi maintenance can be, and usually is, included with a lease. Go A5, way cooler.
      Quote Originally Posted by Fritz27 View Post
      Mercedes typically makes awful manual transmissions and fantastic auto transmissions. Choosing the stick would be like saying, "Y'know, that Natalie Portman is pretty hot, but if she grew some hair on her legs and had a dong, she'd be just right."
      Quote Originally Posted by jnm2.0t View Post
      Was it parked on the curb on garbage day?

    8. Member DoktaJoch's Avatar
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      04-11-2012 03:20 AM #8
      Keep in mind that the new 3-series sedan was just released which means that a new coupe will probably be around in the not to distant future as well. If your partner cares about the image the car will project he might wants to have a car that looks new for the entire time of his lease.

      Also, the A5 recieved a facelift right now, if you want to get one, take that into account. The facelifted coupe looks a lot more modern IMO.

    9. 04-11-2012 03:48 AM #9
      If the purchase is more for image, choosing the lease route will enable him to again change cars in three years when there is another image car on the market. If he in fact will change cars in three years, choosing a lease informs you exactly how much will be spent over the three year period and a guaranteed residual. The selling price of the used car on the other hand will be influenced by various factors in three years (collision damage, economy, etc).

      As mentioned, in the lease scenario any repairs would be covered by the warranty. If your/his finances can afford the lease, and not exceed the mileage terms of the lease, this seems to be the best route.

      Here is the current A5 lease offer in the Atlanta area:

      Special $479 Lease now available.
      2012 Audi A5 2.0 quattro® Premium
      Offer only valid 3-02-2012 through 5-01-2012
      $0 Security Deposit
      $479 First Month Payment
      $695 Acquisition Fee
      $2,299 Down Payment
      $3,463 Due at Signing* (Excludes taxes, title, other options and dealer fees)
      2008 Audi TT Coupe 3.2 VR6 Quattro 6MT - Ibis White / Black
      2016 Volkswagen Jetta S 1.4T 5MT - Dark Bronze Metallic / Black

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