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    Thread: 88 Jetta GL First Car, First Project! Chilliwack BC.

    1. n00b
      Join Date
      Apr 11th, 2012
      1988 Vw Jetta
      04-11-2012 06:03 PM #1
      Hey guys. I recently bought my first car/project.
      I picked her up for 375 bucks. Inside is supeer clean. and outside it pretty good besides the odd
      small dents.

      But Im looking for a guy to two. to help my with some of the first major things i would like to fix.
      Joint CV joints and starting to go. needs brake pads and possibly rotors. the drive side wheel needs
      a new HUB.

      Thing is i havent worked on a car before. And also dont have any tools. if someone had a weekend
      to lend a hand. and show me how to repair my only car that would be GREAT!

    2. Semi-n00b
      Join Date
      Apr 11th, 2012
      North Vancouver, British Columbia
      1991 Jetta Diesel (MK2)
      04-11-2012 07:24 PM #2
      Actually, the fun part about having your first cheap car to rip apart, is you get to LEARN a tonne. For a lot of us, it just the first 12 hours of replacing a component/part where you learn a lot. Fixing cars takes time unfortunately, it's a hobby for many of us.

      There are some particular things to Jetta's, but in general they are no different than most cars. Maybe a little more fun though. You will NEED some tools, but I would say it's best to borrow from some buddy you personally know so it's easy to return them. Tools cost bucks, so not everyone will be encouraged to give you there tools if they don't know you. Not trying to be a bummer here, it's just how it is.

      I would start with the brakes, they are the easiest and you will get your feet wet.

      Borrow your tools from someone and have fun. The best part of fixing a $350 car is... you can't go wrong, as you have invested so little dollar wise. It's a fantastic place to start. My first car I totally wrecked, but... I learn just so so so so much.

      Enjoy the fun !

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