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    Thread: 1995 4 door non sunroof VR6 swapped Golf $3500 VT

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      04-11-2012 09:23 PM #1
      First off. I had NO intention of ever selling this car. My intent was to enjoy it and find a cleaner shell to swap stuff into later on down the road while i daily drive it. I bought this from my friend Emmett who works at AWE, he built the car for his wife 5+ years ago and it served them well. I am in the process of building my own shop so every $ counts right now!

      Car is a ‘95 City Golf, non sunroof, with ‘95 OBD1 VR6 swap with all work carried out by Emmett at AWE (aka: STEALTHMK1 ) Swap was originally completed in 2006, and that motor later spun a rod bearing at 160k. The current motor was purchased from L&T Enterprises in Allentown, PA with a stated 80k. The current motor has covered about 25k since, and his wife daily drove the car for 4 years. The car proved to be been 100% reliable on the current motor for them and has always run perfect. The shell has approximately 205k on it.

      The following new parts were installed when the current motor was installed:
      • Radiator
      • Thermo fan switch
      • All coolant temp sensors
      • Crack pipe, thermostat housing, thermostat
      • Water pump
      • Samco red coolant hoses
      • Oil cooler seals
      • Mk4 steel headgasket
      • Timing chains and guides
      • Oil pan gasket, valve cover gasket, both intake manifold gaskets, TB gasket, exhaust manifold and DP gaskets
      • Rear crank seal
      • Plugs and wires have about 40k on them
      • Smoothed and painted metal valve cover and intake manifold
      • Southbend stage 1 clutch and Techtonics steel LWFW (45k)
      • Reinforced clutch fork
      • Exhaust is a custom SS 2.5” cat back, ending in a plain 3” tip using some off shelf AWE parts

      • Full 5 lug conversion
      • H&R coilovers ( with roughly 55k but still drive and handle great)
      • Polished aluminum Front upper stress bar
      • R32 rear and new OEM front control arm bushings
      • Both front wheel bearings have about 45k on them
      • Stainless brake lines
      • AP brake fluid
      • Front sway bar removed
      • alignment done last year, no irregular tire wear or pulls but wheel slightly off center
      Parking brake cables have about 45k on them
      • Front and rear brakes both done in the last 45k with OEM Brembo rotors and PBR pads, and new rear wheel bearings at same time. Brake pads have plenty of life left but rotors showing their age
      • Silver on Gold refinished BBS RXII's with decent tread tires
      • FK wheel spacers out back to clear coils

      • DIY textured bumpers, side trim, grille, and rockers
      • GTI tails
      • Dual chamber headlights and fogs with factory harness
      • Beat up VR lip
      • Smoked turns, dummies, and side markers
      • Far from perfect, but looks decent from a few feet away.
      • Rust around rear arches, bottom of fenders, a little on the hatch, under the textured paint on the rockers, gas door are has a small hole but the rest around it is soft, door hinges blistered inside door jambs, and a little around the front arches where the paint cracked from rolling, *BUT I STRESS: TOTALLY solid strut towers*
      • Plate surround has some broken tabs but holds
      • Hatch is not original, so the lock doesn’t match the key, and sometimes it shuts a little hard
      • Windshield has a crack near the bottom on the passenger side, but it was in such a spot as to pass PA state inspection when Emmett had it and again in VT while i have had it
      • The underside is the worst part. Emmett replaced the passenger rear floor section, but there are many other spots of flaky rust but no through holes. Last time it was inspected it passed, but I cannot say whether it would or would not at this point in any other given state
      • ’97 GTI red stripe DE seats with only minor wear and/or a few minor blemishes.
      • '95 lether wrapped GTI wheel is OK shape but will include matching red stitched DE wheel and bag
      • Decent older Kenwood head unit, wired for sub and sub amp (available separate but currently pulled) has nice older multi band EQ correctly that is wired, and a 4 channel amp in trunk that runs four 6.5" JL audio door speakers
      • B3 Passat leather knob and boot
      • '97 DE hand brake lever in fantastic shape
      • Perfectly cold working a/c

      Overall the car is a good, reliable daily driver that runs great, looks decent from 10 feet away, but has typical Mk3 cancer underneath. Mechanically the car is in great shape and has tons of new OEM and performance parts. Since I have owned it I replaced a weeping water pump with upgraded metal impeller pump and fresh G12 coolant. I also did a couple full synthetic oil changes with MANN filters as well as a transmission fluid flush with Redline fluid (shifts really smooth with NO grinds in between shifts) I opened up the stock airbox opening for a slightly louder tone and more fresh air. I frequently get 28-30mpg on my daily commuting on 93 octane. I am sure it would achieve higher if driven on the highway on long trips (which it will do without question tomorrow as Emmet drove it up from Philly last year without issue)

      Price is $3500 sitting on MK4 steels with studded snows and matching MK4 caps OR $4000 adds on the BBS wheels and tires, OR $4500 is all of the above plus a brand new in the box Autotech 12.3" TT big brake setup with cadmium plated slotted and drilled rotors with mintex redbox pads.

      NOTE: Vermont does NOT require a title on older cars and will NOT provide one for any reason or price. I do however have the title from Emmett which was signed over from his wife when I purchased it. Do with it what you will if you need/want it. Otherwise I will gladly provide an official VT bill of sale

      With BBS wheels but before i put new textured euro flares on

      Original window sticker
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      Dec 23rd, 2001
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      Sold all the dubs. Lifted XJ, dumped SF5, 2014 impreza
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      T T T

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      Dec 23rd, 2001
      Vergennes Vermont
      Sold all the dubs. Lifted XJ, dumped SF5, 2014 impreza
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      P e n d i n g

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      Dec 23rd, 2001
      Vergennes Vermont
      Sold all the dubs. Lifted XJ, dumped SF5, 2014 impreza
      04-13-2012 06:37 PM #4

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