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    Thread: WTB: A/C Compressor

    1. 04-12-2012 11:09 AM #1
      I had the clutch on the A/C Compressor break recently. I'm looking for a used replacement that will fit a 98 Cabrio.

    2. Member CajunSpike's Avatar
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      Mar 11th, 2009
      New Orleans, LA
      91 Burgundy Etienne(2), 06 Jetta 2.5, 08 GTI 2.0T FSI
      04-12-2012 11:14 AM #2
      If there are any junkyards in your area, you can look at any Mk3 cars for the same a/c compressor.

      late 90's Jetta's have pretty much the same parts in them. I know theres a jetta in a local jy with the a/c compressor on it. almost bought it myself when fixing my cabrio but i decided that was one thing that should be new.

      Also there is a vw classified forum..where this probably should be posted.

    3. Member csrgti's Avatar
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      Aug 18th, 2009
      Central Florida
      past Scirocco, Gli16V, Scirocco16v, Cabriolet, present 84GTi,96GTi
      04-12-2012 11:37 AM #3
      WTB: and For Sale treads don't belong in this forum.......

      Got to "Marketplace" on this Forum.
      Then "Classifieds"
      " MK111 Parts"
      start searching.

      Are you sure it's the compressor? Is it getting power and not turning on?
      There's a couple of switches that could be broken that will cause the clutch not to engage, check those before buying a new compressor

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