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    Thread: Oxygen sensor black wire??

    1. Member smawgunner45's Avatar
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      Aug 18th, 2005
      Columbus, Ohio
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      04-12-2012 05:28 PM #1
      My O2 sensor wires were ripped out of their plug so I'm splicing a new one in (Vehicle side..not the sensor side). Anyway...the plug is a 4 wire, but there is a black wire that I'm not sure where it goes. Can someone tell me where this is supposed to connect to? It's in the same bundle of wires that dump out to the O2 sensor's plug, but the plug itself has 4 going to it and nowhere for the black wire. ??
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    2. 04-13-2012 12:19 AM #2
      its supposed to be that way....
      Quote Originally Posted by BlueVR View Post

      yes i am still into Vag...

    3. 04-13-2012 02:56 AM #3
      Quote Originally Posted by hubbell View Post
      its supposed to be that way....
      Yes, its a shield. It won't connect to anything.

    4. Member vwscream's Avatar
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      Jan 27th, 2008
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      04-13-2012 10:27 AM #4
      Its to capture RF interference.

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