Long story short I bought a MKVI last fall and everything has been great. However I went for a fun drive on some back roads the other day and noticed third would grind every time I tried to shift above 4500rpm. The car has done it before at the track when I rushed the shift and my o2m used to do it -as did a lot of others- so I thought nothing of it. However this time no matter how slow the shift it would still crunch going into third above that rpm range.

Well, it was a lot cooler tonight -20 deg difference- so I took the car back out and third seems to be just fine The car does have a LSD installed and is using OEM transmission fluid. I've got some research to do when it comes to this kind of thing and I find it odd that the OEM fluid cant handle a warm spring day but, could the fluid need to be changed for something thicker? And does anyone have any recommendations or an opinion on motul gear 300 ls sae 75w90? It was also suggested that I check the linkage to make sure they're not out of spec.

Thanks guys.