VWVortex.com - StUff'eD JDM vs EURO meet - Richmond May 5
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    Thread: StUff'eD JDM vs EURO meet - Richmond May 5

    1. 04-13-2012 06:23 PM #1
      [FONT="Arial Black"]StUff'eD JdM vs EuRo MeeT[/FONT]

      Just letting you guys know
      i will be hosting this meet on May 5 2012 @ Richmond - NewWest Walmart Parking lot

      Event is SPONSORED BY:
      Brinkworth Brother Customs
      Euro Exotic Auto
      more to come.......

      Sponsors will be handing out gift certificates, coupons, stickers, free swag !!!

      Location changed to Walmart Parking Lot in NEW WEST
      805 Boyd Street
      New Westminster, BC
      (604) 524-1291

      the word "StUff'eD" came from making turkey dinner on thanks giving day by putting large amount of stuffing into a small size hole in the turkey's ass.
      same concept can be applied by putting crazy wheels in the wheel wells of ur car creating the stanced, hella flush, fitted, fitment, tailored experience.

      i will be looking for some sponsors to help with this event, and free swag to give away in hopes to bring back the Vancouver car scene.

      you guys always bitch about how the local car scene is dead....well it's time for u to show some support.
      c U there !

      this is our new official poster with all sponsor logos !!
      they will be giving away alot of free coupons !! some 50% off !!
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    2. 04-24-2012 05:06 AM #2
      new official poster !!!

    3. 05-04-2012 10:07 PM #3
      it's official !!!!
      each attendee will get one !!

      our coupon booklet is printed !!

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