Rear panel/speaker removal for a MKVI GTI/Golf 2 Door

I couldn't find a good DIY for this around (at least one that took it as far as I did) so I decided to create this one to help anyone else that needs to do this. This is for informational purposes only.

1. Remove the rear seat by pulling straight up and releasing the two front tabs. (Red arrow) then remove the seat completely by pulling it out from under the child restraint hooks (blue), and pushing the seat belt clasps through the back of the seat.

With seat removed:

2. Remove the trim along the door, which extends to the rear of the car where the seat was. Start at the front and work your way back.

2a. There are three tabs at the back that will remove by pulling straight out. You will then be able to remove the section of trim.

3. Remove the 'Airbag' label to access the T20 screw behind. Remove the screw and set aside.

4. Remove the panel by pulling starting from the rear of the car, there are three tabs that are in there tight. Once those have release you can pull the panel out. It is in there very tight and takes a bit of wiggling to get it out.

4a. Note the location of the seat belt upper 'pulley'. This will have to be lined up with the plastic housing that you just removed when you go to reinstall; otherwise you will not be able to adjust the 'pulley' height.

5. Fold the seat back down, remove the plastic cover and the T20 screw behind it.

6. Pull out the rear panel. There are multiple plastic pins that need to be released. If you pull hard, and straight out (not up or down) they should release given a bit of effort.

7. Disconnect the factory tweeter from the wiring harness.

8. The factory speaker is riveted in. I used a drill bit to drill out the rivets, and then just attached my speakers to the plastic housing using 1" spacers, and the plastic mounting bracket that came with the speakers.

Installation is just the reverse of removal. Good luck