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    Thread: Interior tailgate light popping out

    1. 04-16-2012 11:11 AM #1
      I just bought a 2011 SE, and it was the floor model. Assuming it was the floor model its whole life, it may have had its rear tailgate open for most of its life.

      I don't know if this is true of everyone's Routan, but when closing the rear tailgate I need to be somewhat forceful in order for the door switch to register the door as being fully closed. Otherwise, I get the "gate" warning on the dash and the cabin lighting remains illuminated.

      About one in four proper closings of the tailgate result in my interior tailgate light popping out of its receptacle. The last time I pushed the light in, I pushed the four little plastic hooks out a little bit and hopefully that helps. But it seems that the light fixture is just a little loose in its receptacle. It seems like it needs a rubber gasket or something.

      Does anybody else have a loose tailgate light? Not necessarily popping out, but just being able to push it around a little with your hand? Does anybody know if there should be a little rubber or foam ring around the inside surface of the light?

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      04-16-2012 12:49 PM #2
      You have a SE without the RSE and no power tailgate right? Most of us have a power open/closing tailgate. If we close it manually it only requires a soft shut and a power motor closes it the last 1/2". I would suggest having you dealer check the adjustment and replace the tail light if it no longer stays in place.

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      04-16-2012 02:56 PM #3
      X2 on the dealer adjustment, also someone else on here had their light popping out on a brand new 11'. I have also snagged the wash mitt on the little clip that holds it in, you could check to see if that is broken off. It is on the left hand side of the lens IIRC.

      I too love the power gate soft close!

      EDIT: Sorry, I think the other guys was the EXTERIOR---I for got toe read properly before
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      04-16-2012 04:19 PM #4
      There is a thick wire that runs directly behind it, that is what pushes the light out.

      See if you push it aside first, so it sits beside the light plug connector. This solved the issue on my van.

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