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    Thread: CV Axle Issues

    1. Member VWunion Chad's Avatar
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      Dec 13th, 2010
      Chandler AZ
      04 Jetta GLi
      04-17-2012 04:12 PM #1
      I have gone through 3 CV axles in the last week! I keep breaking the inner CV Joint on the drivers side... I have been lowered for years but just "Slammed" it about two months ago.. Replaced it again yesterday with a New axle from Napa and went to make a hard left turn after about 3 miles on the new axle and just ripped the joint spart.. Nothing "broke" it just looked like one of the balls had fallen out.

      I also have a loud popping sound coming from the opposite side of the car when i go over bumps or try to turn, sounds like the sway bar maybe

      This is a 98 GTI VR6
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    2. Member HavokRuels's Avatar
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      Jan 9th, 2011
      Rhode Island
      93' SLC 92' SLC 02' JETTA
      04-19-2012 10:32 PM #2
      There really isn't much that would cause inner boot tear other then bad motor mounts or perhaps something is hitting up against it. In some cars, bad mount will cause the axle o rub up against something.
      Guru Motorsports / europeein

    3. Member mk4twoptslow's Avatar
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      Jul 27th, 2005
      Liverpool, NY
      90 GTi VR6 94 b3v vr6
      04-20-2012 10:15 AM #3
      Raise the car up a bit and see what happens. If you stop braking axles then the problem was with how low you were and you should look into getting the axles shortened if you want to keep it at that height. A few locals guys here did it and have been problem free ever since

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