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    Thread: what do u think

    1. Semi-n00b
      Join Date
      May 2nd, 2011
      Austin TX
      2013 corolla :(
      04-18-2012 08:36 PM #1
      hello guys so ive been looking for a miata for some time now. this came up

      the guy wants 1895$ for it and apparently cant do face to face. and its going to be handled by ebay.

      Someone tell me it might not be a scam.

    2. 04-18-2012 10:26 PM #2
      total fraud :



      We are seeing increasing numbers of used car fraud ads online where the "seller" emails you to use "Yahoo Payment Agents", "eBay Payment" agents, or "Google Checkout" or "US Amy Protection Services". None of these entities performs escrow or payment services for used cars. It's all fraud using logos and brands you trust in order to fool you. Use your head, they are only listing services. Any seller offering to pay shipping on a car is 100% certain to be fraud. It can cost $1000 to ship a car across country. What seller would really pay that for you?

      more on escrow fraud :


      try to get a name and report them to the FBI internet crimes division

    3. n00b
      Join Date
      Apr 19th, 2012
      Beverly Hills, California
      Honda Civic 2009
      04-19-2012 03:31 PM #3
      If i were you, it would be wiser to have a face to face deal, its a sweet price but it is not worth the risk

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