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    Thread: 7D vs. 5D MarkII

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      04-19-2012 12:58 AM #1
      I searched, found nothing. Even though I'm aware that the debate has been ever lasting and highly debated.

      I've come to realize my XSi just isn't cutting it for me. I've been shooting a TON of indoor events where flash is either not allowed or STRONGLY discouraged. I find I'm always shooting wide open at 1600 ISO and still not totally happy with the shots (although I am quite impressed I must say). I'd like at least to be able to shoot at a higher ISO than 1600. Here is the last event I shot for example http://www.flickr.com//photos/valley...35136253/show/ (they were SUPER stoked on the photos BTW, they've never had anyone who knew more than how to push the shutter button shoot any of their events)

      I'm strongly considering the 7D over the 5D, mostly because I hear the auto focus is MUCH better and it's way faster, but also because of cost. I'll be shooting a lot of sports events, low light events (auctions, church/mass, events in school gyms etc) and kids/pets.

      I guess my big question is will I wish I went with the 5D? Will I be bummed I didn't go FF? Mark III is out of the question.
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