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    Thread: FS: 2001 Allroad 6 speed

    1. 04-20-2012 09:41 AM #1
      I haven't contributed much here but I have a lot of feedback elsewhere if you need it.

      Car is located in Albany NY

      Looking to get 5800 for it

      2001 Audi Allroad
      147k Miles
      2.7L Bi Turbo Engine
      6 Speed Manual Transmission (RARE!!)

      • Alpaca Beige Metallic Paint
      • Dings and Scratches Typical of age
      • Upgraded HID fog lights (3200K yellow hue for foggy conditions)
      • Factory Bi-xenon headlamps

      • Two tone tan leather interior
      • Heated Front and Rear seats
      • Heated Steering Wheel
      • Cargo divider
      • Bose Premium Sound system

      • Full air ride suspension in great shape
      -Bags replaced my previous owner
      -Aftermarket Viair compressor retrofitted to replace the problematic factory unit. Will never need to be replaced again!
      -Level sensors and computers work great
      • New Front control arms
      • New Inner and outer tie rods
      • Brake pads front and rear replaced in the last 15-20Kmi, will need rotors next time around
      • Fresh Brake fluid

      Wheels and Tires
      • Winter Setup -- Factory upgraded "twin spoke" wheels with Blizzak winter tires in great shape with plenty of life remaining
      • Summer Setup -- 20x9" RS4 Reps with summer tires in great condition, 20mm wheel adapters (not spacers) to set the wheels out and clear the brakes.

      • 2.7L Bi Turbo V6 Engine in great shape, runs flawlessly
      • 6 Speed manual transmission shifts flawlessly
      • Quattro all-wheel drive
      • Many, MANY new parts!
      - Full Timing belt 20Kmi ago with receipts
      - Water pump
      - Idler pulleys
      - New Alternator
      - Full coolant flush
      - New Fuel filter
      - New downstream 02 sensors
      - Brand new motor mounts (<250 miles ago)
      - Fresh cabin and air filters
      - Oil changes every 3kmi with synthetic and Mann filters
      - No Codes or CEL's
      - Many more parts!

      The Bad:
      - Ambient Temperature sensor is bad -- 5 minutes to replace
      - LCD screen in dash cluster is bad
      - Needs flex joints in exhaust, I was quoted $150 to fix, or throw on some piggy pipes for more power!
      - Hole where heel rests in drivers side front floor mat
      - Some of the typical 2.7L oil leaks
      - Average body wear and tear
      - PO used wheels as curb feelers

      Pics Here:

      Description of pictures:

      009-Dent on Pass fender
      010-Scrape on Pass Fender/hood
      011-Scuff on DR FR Bumper - P.O. parked it on the street frequently, probably just a parallel parking incident, easy enough to scuff out and repaint, no major damage at all
      012-Rear bumper/tailgate trim damage - Looks like PO backed into something, I looked at getting a new bumper/repairing it, but my wife was dead set on me not turning this into another project vehicle, as it needed to be my reliable daily
      013-Overall Tailgate shot - Was debadged at some point, don't know who or why...
      014-Door Repaint - slight color match issue - mainly looks like a flop issue to me... flakes look a little larger than the rest of the car, I talked to a painter friend of mine who told me there was a vin split for that color, it's possible that they didn't realize when it was painted and they got the wrong version of the paint.
      015-Pass Interior 1
      016-Pass Interior 2
      017-Driver Interior - Heated bottom works, back isn't, hasn't since I've owned the car, there is one crack in the leather that is way down in the crevice between the back and seat bottom, it's only there if you go looking for it.
      018-Back Seat forward shot - When I got the car, the P.O. (a slob) had really neglected his cleaning duties... I gave the interior a full detail (short of steam cleaning all the leather), the center stack face plates were all disassembled and thoroughly cleaned, they are as clean as they were at 5k miles. It has a symphony I, I bought a symphony II new from ECS that I never got around to installing, it will go with the car. All cupholders work (replaced), none broken...
      019-Cluster/Driver View - Steering wheel has typical wear for age, but the heated wheel still works, all buttons work, and surprisingly there is very little to no pealing.
      020-Rear seat area
      021-Missing speaker grill emblem/cracked grill The P.O. had young children, looks like one of them used their foot to open the door too many times
      025-Rear facing view - Rear seats are in good shape, no issues, heaters work
      026-Trunk Area - Some stains from PO, maybe one or two from me as well, this is my daily, and I haul everything in it (hence my need for a truck!)
      027-Viair Compressor - There are a lot of issues with the factory air system, I know all the ins and outs now, I have a lot of spare parts and knowledge on the system. I'm a mechanical engineer by trade, so I reverse engineered the system and figured out it's most common failure modes and rebuilt around them. One of those issues led me down the road of using the Viair compressor. I can get into an indepth explanation of the thought process of the redesign, original logic/P&ID's, what works vs what doesn't, what I found with respect to putting together a factory rebuild kit (there is nothing specific that's available, but I found some other avenues)
      028-Compressor line/main dump in tire well - See above
      029-Rear Bumper Scuffs - Probably due to the P.O. hauling all the kids stuff around and being too lazy to LIFT it out the back and just rolled it off the bumper
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      04-22-2012 07:16 PM #2

    3. 04-22-2012 07:38 PM #3
      Quote Originally Posted by mk2 16v turbo View Post
      Sorry, 146.5k and counting, it's my daily

    4. 05-02-2012 03:16 AM #4
      Is that atlas or alpaca? have any interior, engine bay shots? when was the tb service last completed?

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    5. 09-08-2012 08:39 AM #5
      Car is up for sale again, bump for interest!

    6. Member Racer Rob's Avatar
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      09-08-2012 09:37 PM #6
      Interested in trades?
      Quote Originally Posted by dogger View Post
      Your fiance should break up with you if you give her a G60. That's like giving her a cubic zirconia for a engagement ring...

    7. 09-10-2012 08:23 PM #7
      Maybe, whatcha got?

    8. 09-11-2012 11:11 PM #8
      Bump... No interest in a 6 speed allroad anymore?

    9. 09-18-2012 01:31 PM #9
      Bump for price drop

    10. 09-19-2012 12:05 PM #10

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      check my sig

    12. 09-28-2012 08:28 PM #13
      Quote Originally Posted by mikmot View Post

      check my sig
      Awesome car!

      Quote Originally Posted by DENNIK View Post
      Yet another nice car...

      I'm in a position now where I really need to just sell the car, or I need to trade it for something that is less of a "niche" car, thanks for the offers though guys

    13. 09-29-2012 11:53 PM #14
      Lets get this car sold guys... Make me some offers!

    14. 09-30-2012 10:50 PM #15
      New price is 5800, Final drop.... If I need to go lower, I'll just hold onto it.

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