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    Thread: Anyone here have Gout problems?

    1. 04-22-2012 11:06 AM #1
      Thursday afternoon my big toe and the joint around it starting hurting, swelling and extremely painful to move. It seemed to get better Friday, but it was at its worse last night. As much as I hated to go I went to the Emergency room last night to figure out what the hell was wrong. The doctor looked at it, said it was gout and wrote me a couple prescriptions. One prescription was only 3 pills and after taking those three I started feeling relief in the joint after about an hour. This morning I woke up with bad pain in my ankle, but my toe feels much better (still sore).

      Just wondered if anyone has experienced this and what I should do? It's very difficult to walk and I can't be disabled for a week.

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      04-22-2012 02:14 PM #2

      lots of aleve (Naproxen) and alot of water, when you think you have drank enough water, drink more water.

      then go to your dr and get a perscription for allopurinol.. you take it every day, until you are dead. watch your beer/beef/shrimp intake.

      they will likely do a blood test on you to look for high acid content in your blood, the acid crystals build up in your joints and thats whats hurting. i had it for years before i actually went to the dr to get it checked out.. dont limp around for a few weeks just cuz its a pain in the ass to go to the dr.

      when i went to the dr, my ankle was actually still swollen, they did an ultrasound on it and could see pockets of fluid, they numbed it up, stuck a big needle in it and drew the fluid out and looked at it under a microscope, they saw sharp, pokey crystals.

      i take allopurinol everyday, and have a medrol pack in my medicine cabinet if i get a flare up.

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