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    Thread: Which new automotive trend needs to die?

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    1. Member l88m22vette's Avatar
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      Mar 1st, 2006
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      04-22-2012 12:14 PM #1
      So I think I'm about officially tired of several pretty recent automotive trends, be they styling, gimmicks, etc. The ones I can think of off the top of my head are:

      - "fluid" styling (Hyundai and Mercedes comes to mind, and I can't believe those two share ANYTHING except 4 wheels)

      - LEDs, halos, any kind of lights which are one step above a PepBoys special

      - gaping maw frontends

      - 19"+ wheels on anything other than trucks

      - overstyling, mainly slats, vents, and intakes, 98% of which don't do anything

      I'd vote for the catfish frontends and oversize wheels, I'm sick of every company thinking they need to have a massive grill opening or two. Its especially crappy when you can see the blacked-out section for the crash bar, or flat plastic where there isn't an actual opening. This is chasing a trend, not doing something original or attractive. I've also gotten sick of heavy-ass oversize wheels with rubberbands for tires, they hurt ride quality and make cars look cartoony or like a caricature. The new Boxster S comes standard with 19s, and to me that's ridiculous given that its supposed to be a car that is a basic, fun roadster. I have 18s on my TT and I'm ditching them ASAFP for 17s and more tire, enough of this ****

      Also, I tried to add a poll, but vBulletin faked me out with a 5min requirement
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