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    Thread: 02 VR6 transmission problems

    1. 04-22-2012 03:58 PM #1
      I went to a transmission shop to rebuild my transmission. The problem I had when I dropped it of was it wouldn't go into reverse when cold and hard shifted from 2nd to 3rd. When I left the transmission slipped constantly and they told me that I had to drive 150 miles for the new components to reset. One dart later it got worst slipping and would not get out of first gear and I had no heat. I brought it back the times and there was still no change but each time they swore it wad fixed. I took it to the dealer and they told me the wrong transmission fluid was in it and the wrong anti freeze. It worked perfect for two days and started again. Any suggestions? The code that comes up is P1475. Which I paid the transmission shop to replace the temp sensor.

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