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    Thread: 96 Jetta Alarm and No Start

    1. 04-23-2012 07:10 PM #1
      My alarm activates itself when I try to start the car.

      I unlock doors with key, alarm shuts off (red light on drivers door stops blinking)
      Put key in ignition and red light on driver's door resumes blinking. Car does not start and if I open the door the alarm starts going off (BEEP BEEP BEEP).

      I'm thinking of disabling the alarm. The DIY I found seems pretty straightforward. However, In the DIY the alarm control module is silver and has two plugs. On my car the silver box has one plug and immediately next to it is a black box that has two plugs. One of the plugs on the black box has two red wires, one with black stripe, looks to be about 10g wire (my gut says these are the wires I'm looking for) I want to make sure I jump the correct wires and NOT short/burn down my car.

      None of the wires on the silver box look thick enough to be 10g, so I think the wires on the black box are the ones I want. I just want someone to confirm this for me.

      The car I am working on is a 96 Jetta 2.0 with 5 speed transmission

      The DIY I am referencing is http://faculty.ccp.edu/faculty/dreed...armhelp2.htm#6


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      Mar 23rd, 2008
      04-24-2012 01:37 PM #2
      You have broken wires in the doorjam (inside the rubber boot on the hinge side) leading to the door wires for the doorlocks.

    3. 04-24-2012 06:27 PM #3
      Here's where I stand right now.

      Battery voltage is good (more than 12v) at battery terminals and connections.
      Battery ground to engine block is good.
      Ground to the starter is good.

      Alarm disarms when I unlock door with key. Alarm re-arms itself when I put key in ignition and turn to crank/start.

      I'll check the wires in the doors. I just hate removing the interior door trim

      Anything else this could be?


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      Mar 23rd, 2008
      04-25-2012 04:24 PM #4
      Why would you remove the door card/s to check under the rubber boots in the doorjams?

    5. 04-25-2012 06:10 PM #5
      An update.

      Did a little more reading about the rotten door wire issue. I thought I had to take the whole door apart. As it turns out I just have to check the wires in the little rubber boot.
      Lo and behold there was a broken wire inside the boot.

      Fixed the wire and my alarm problems have gone away. I'm still not getting anything from the starter though.

      I ran through all the tests here:

      Got to step 6 and it appears my starter is dead. It has been giving me trouble lately, so no surprise there.

      Thanks for mentioning the wire in the door issue. I NEVER would have found that myself!

      I've done the starter before, so I think I can take it from here.

      Thanks all!!!

    6. 04-27-2012 09:20 AM #6
      Replaced the starter. My Jetta lives to fight another day.

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