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Ok so while we're all learning I remember hearing that 300hp was close to limit for stock rods. What are the facts on them?
Ok James, from my experiments with my 20mm OEM 225 version that are rumored to be stronger than the 19mm found in some variants (honestly I personally doubt it because the failure and weak point seen on mine and all the bent rods I've seen, is not where the 20mm are beefier)

With that said, pushing power gradually over time and monitoring all the vitals, I finally turned two of mine into bananas at around 360 AWTQ spiking really early. So in reality they are much stronger than most believed but that is a loaded statement because that's assuming a good tune with good AFR, knock and heat management. Most knuckle heads bending or snapping rods out there are doing it because of something screwy in the tune that would have the same effect on upgraded rods. Obviously everyone find it simple to just put the blame on the OEM rods but in reality they can take quite a bit of torque (with everything else in check) before they show their weakness. My feeling is that most DD stock frames turbo/hybrids will not push enough torque to hurt them as long as everything else is kosher.

This is what finally happened to mine with a good tune around 360 AWTQ right after switching to E85. Most people will never push enough boost, run enough timing to destroy those unless there is another variable that put extra stress on them. Please use that info wisely!