VWVortex.com - Can I get an auto shop to connect the obx headers to my usp test pipe with high flow cat?
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    Thread: Can I get an auto shop to connect the obx headers to my usp test pipe with high flow cat?

    1. 04-23-2012 11:43 PM #1
      Is the usp test pipe a downpipe because I got the one with the high flow cat but don't know much about cars so just asking? Can I get a shop to connect the obx headers to it? Doe obx headers throw cel's?

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      04-23-2012 11:52 PM #2
      You will need someone to fab a mid pipe to connect to the headers. From the last post I replied to I am curios what are you trying to accomplish and what parts do you have ?

    3. Geriatric Member nothing-leaves-stock's Avatar
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      a few.
      04-24-2012 09:17 AM #3
      not possible. they are two totally differnt deisgned pieces.
      the OBX header is a long tueb header....the usp test puipe is meant for a shorty stock manifold.
      you MAY be able to reuse the usp cat only. but fom the cat forward will not work,
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