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    Thread: One side lower on coilovers

    1. 04-25-2012 11:00 AM #1
      Is there a reason why front right side is tucked under a fender while the left front isn't? I adjusted the coilovers to be the same before putting them in. Then tried shortening the left side even more but that only does little difference. Level ground and Racelands. 98 Passat V6 with 152k miles.

      Thanks fellas.

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    2. Member 18t papa's Avatar
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      04-25-2012 02:38 PM #2
      My neuspeed springs sit slightly uneven, its because weight distribution left to right is not perfect. I'd say to adjust them slightly to get it even
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    3. Member nolesfan's Avatar
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      04-30-2012 11:43 AM #3
      I'd say lower the high one a bit, and raise the low one a little. This should help get them closer. You may want to measure the height from center of the wheel to arch on both sides, then split the difference that way when raising/lowering.

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      Jan 31st, 2012
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      04-30-2012 10:13 PM #4
      Have you tried sitting in the car or at least putting someone who wieghs the same and checking it?

    5. Member Steve in Chicago's Avatar
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      Dec 13th, 2008
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      05-01-2012 09:59 AM #5
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