I'm having trouble with a MDI unit that i just installed with my RNS510 (which was a retro-fit). The RNS has worked without issue for years. The RNS recognizes the MDI and the attached hard drive or USB stick (tried both) and lets me browse and select any track which then appears to be playing but with no audio.

My car came without an AUX input if that makes a difference and I think I remember swapping some pins when I installed the MDI - following the supplied install directions. Since everything seems to be working properly aside from getting sound I suppose it's possible that the audio signal just isn't getting routed correctly through the connector and into the RNS - potentially a result of the pin swapping? I haven't pulled everything back out yet - need a rainy day. What specific wires should I check to see if audio is being passed from the MDI? I can rig a small speaker driver or something to confirm there is indeed an audio signal prior to entering the RNS. And then what pin positions should those wires from the MDI be at in the plug for the RNS?

I also posted in the VCDS forum in case I have something coded incorrectly - http://forums.vwvortex.com/showthrea...DI-coding-help

Thanks for any suggestions.