For sale I've got a 2.7t engine out of a manual transmission 2001 allroad with 120k miles. Price is $1200 + shipping (freight can be arranged). The engine has been well maintained, and the expensive timing belt service was done approx. 10k miles ago (so it'll be good for another 50k or so miles). The only reason the engine is being sold is because the car has body damage, and it is turning out that it might not make financial sense to repair. The engine currently runs and is in the car (I drove it a few blocks the other week). I'm an Audi enthusiast with my own shop, so if you want, you can come see the engine run before I pull it (SLC, UT). I will likely grab a video of it running the next time I'm at the shop.

The sale includes the engine longblock (the bottom end together with the heads) with all of the timing components intact. I can possibly throw in the K03's, if the buyer needs them.

If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an email!