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    Thread: Painting an Exterior Door

    1. 04-26-2012 10:24 AM #1
      I have an exterior door which faded, so I decided to repaint it. I sanded the door down to remove loose paint, bought the correct exterior paint and painted it. I believe I used latex paint this time.

      It didn't take long for the paint bubble and blister. The door does face the sun most of the day.

      So I re-sanded it and re-painted it. I bought oil based paint, at the reccomendation of the hardware store, to try to avoid the blistering. No dice. It didn't last but a few weeks before it started blistering.

      It appears that the primer underneath is holding tight.

      Any thoughts on what I'm doing wrong or what I should try?

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      04-26-2012 11:24 AM #2
      I use Wil-Bond on anything I paint. I used it on the undercarriage of my truck before I undercoated and the stuff never even chipped. I've even used it on surfaces that are supposedly unpaintable (i.e. vinyl window trim) with excellent results.

      At this point I would tell you to sand/remove as much paint as possible before prepping with this stuff, maybe a couple of times to really etch the surface good.

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