i may or may not need timing chain guides and or timing chains and a water pump installed
the noise isnt as severe as "marbles in a can" but is a slight tick
im going to try and get a diagnosis today for sure i dont wanna spend money i dont have to

its a 1995 jetta glx vr6 5speed
im willing to buy the parts and pay someone to do it provided
they are certified and or 110% comfortable and confident in there ability to be asecond diagnosis and fix the issue the car runs fine

if anyone is in the dublin pleasanton livermore tracy hayard san leandro fremont union city newark danville san ramon area or like area please hit me up

give me a fair bid i know its a mid to kinda big job i wont low ball you with an offer like 300$ but im not gunna pay outrageous prices either

so let me know if your outthere and could use or neeed the extra $$$$
thank you for looking - reply or message me here or FallenGlx@gmail.com