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    Thread: Audi TT MK1 Engine 1.8T V5 OEM+ Spec's !

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      2002 Audi TT Quattro LMNS Edition , 2004 R32 4motion DSG
      04-27-2012 02:08 AM #1

      Let's keep this ongoing Engine upgrading till Mid-size Turbo upgrade is needed, more like street-torque'ish LongTerm Cost-wise Performance-Restoration-investment Project : Audi TT Mark1.

      P.S : all the following are after-market parts backed-up with after-sale customer service strictly Bolt-on parts with minimum custom-work needed.

      Engine-performance related upgrades :

      ECU Software/ECU Remap Company : To adjust the ECU software/map parameters on the ongoing engine part upgrading.
      *example : Unisettings(free),Maestro Suite by Eurodyne.

      Drivter Valve Relocating Kit: Relocating the position of DV feed from hot turbo side to Post intercooler pre-tb position feeding cold air when diverting into Intake.

      Drivter Valve : Bigger Faster uprated serviceable Cost-wise :
      *Example : Modded EVO,008 Forge,APR R1,Tail,synapse eng DV

      Front/side-mount Air-to-Air intercoolers: single oer dual Bigger sized intercooler Cores.
      Originally Posted by bootymac
      Here's how it stacks up against other SMICs in core size:

      Boost Factory: 8.1" x 8" x 6" = 389 cu in
      Tyrolsport: 10" x 8.1" x 4.5" = 365 cu in
      Eurojet: 8" x 8" x 5" = 320 cu in
      Taco cooler: 7" x 8.25" x 5.125" = 305 cu in
      Kraut-Burner: 8" x 8.4" x 4.5" = 302 cu in
      Godspeed: 8" x 7.5" x 5" = 300 cu in
      Forge: 8.3" x 8.3" x 3.9" = 269 cu in
      Stock: 7.25" x 8" x 3.5" = 203 cu in

      Disclaimer: core size is just one of the many measures of an intercooler's performance
      Air Intake : Less restriction More-flowing ,better materials,support 3"inch inlets/outlets .
      *for example: combination of ; 42DD intake/mod-shack CAI/+Badger5 Silicone 3'inch Intake

      Turbo Exhaust Down-pipe : increase the Diameter of down-pipe to decrease exhaust flow restriction
      *example: 42DD 3"inch Bolt-on Down-pipe.

      Intake manifold : Increase Flow-matched Small/Large Port Intake
      *Example :SEM motorsport Intake, Large-port OEM Intake Manifold.

      Intake Throttle body Controllers : Larger more active TB is needed.
      *example : R32/RS4/Hemi...

      Exhaust Turbo Manifold : Cast-like Manifold is preferable with larger runners and stronger material to withstand the head cycles.
      *example K04 Turbo exhaust manifold K04 JBS Motorsport / Hg-Sport ,

      *Dream Mani. ( PPT K04 Cast Exhaust Turbo manifold )

      *can we implement V-band clamps into the Existing K04 turbo system!

      Uprated Transmission Clutch system . from a respectable clutch system companies,
      *example: CM, DXB,Luke.

      Uprated engine mount : withstanding stronger engine vibration/Power-delivery
      *example : DLI-teknik/VF/BF

      Turbo: K04 Hybrid.
      *example: F23 FranklenTurbo.

      Timing Belt Tensioner: OEM gas-charged is known to fail suddenly damaging Head/exhaust cam valves and replacing regularly is a strict obligation.
      *example : Integrated Engineering 06A 1.8T Manual Timing Belt Tensioner Kit.

      Please do consider your thoughts are highly counted for and posting ur finds in this ongoing thread will improve the concerned crowd knowledge .

      Updated either by OP or Forum MOD(if posible)


      Disclaimer: Original Poster intention is highlighting products made by companies commonly known for high-end products for the mentioned TT Chasis
      Last edited by ModsTTand; 04-28-2012 at 03:03 AM.
      Reading>posting .

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