See all the problems with fluid transfer. if you have air: (a 99$ compressor / tank would work)

cheap fluid rapid transfer tool

1- need air pressure to move fluid (compressor)
2- get a used or cheap pressure cooker, top rotates on/off
3- in center of top thread a 3/8 or 1/4 pipe in that when top is on goes to within 1/4 of bottom of pot
4- anywhere else in top attach a air connector, I also have an air valve
5- Pressurize pot with up to 40-50 lbs air, GET the idea, fluid moves quick under pressure
6- Put fluid in a container in pot that the center pipe goes into. The air inlet will pressurize the pot forcing the fluid out the center pipe
7- When I want to stop fluid fast I just pop off air line.

photos at: (and you thought I was kidding)