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    Thread: lock switches

    1. 04-27-2012 08:16 PM #1
      hi there, first VW, and first post.. tried searching, nothing really came up what I was looking for so here goes...

      have an 01 golf, no freaking owners manual, but anyways, both power lock switches don't work (or I'm using them wrong) they light up when you turn the lights on, but pushing them don't do a thing..

      when i use the key in the door they both lock and unlock fine, no stray alarms, or dome light malfunctions.. the switches themselves just don't lock and unlock it..

      now is there some sort of trick to them? or should they work just like every other lock out there..
      I did notice though that when i am driving, the pass. door will auto lock, but not the driver's, again don't know if this is normal or not, no manual.... haven't checked the wires in the boot between the door and body yet, project for tomorrow...

      thanks a bunch if someone can help out here....

    2. Member FigureFive's Avatar
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      Dec 21st, 2003
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      04-30-2012 06:21 PM #2
      Most likely you've got a bad microswitch in the driver side door lock module.


      It's a pricey repair at the dealer ($100+ part and $200+ labor is typical).

      If you can source a part elsewhere it's not too complex a DIY job. You could take the opportunity to upgrade the front speakers while the door panel is off, too.

    3. 04-30-2012 08:01 PM #3
      had my door panels off to look at it, but now my trunk release switch will work like 1 out of 40 times... always worked before, mind you I only had the car for 2 days, but could this be connected to the door module somehow?

      when I flick the switch, when it doesn't work there isn't even a click at the ccm, so if it isn't connected to the door module, I read some people had issues with the harness at the rear hatch, I looked but didn't see any chafing, so I dunno...

      it WILL auto lock every time though whenever i did manage to get it to pop.. keyhole is seized so I just unplugged it at the hatch until I get this sorted out.


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