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    Thread: Do You Know How To Not Post Nudes?

    1. Member Zombiee313's Avatar
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      Apr 27th, 2011
      Bay Area, CA
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      04-28-2012 07:35 PM #76
      Quote Originally Posted by Mk1Racer View Post
      Or maybe your prior screen name(s) was(were) banned?

      If you have a legit beef, why not discuss it w/ a mod via PM? Why the need to publicly call them out? And I can't believe that you used the "it's ok because others agree w/ me" justification for being an ass to the mods.

      And while high post count and long tenure may not be a good indicator of forum contribution, it's pretty safe to say that short tenure and low post are a good indicator of low contribution. Either that, or your other screen names have been banned.

      any other assumptions about me that you would like to try and make? just wondering

      how am I being an ass to the mods? I am politely disagreeing with them and I figured this was a good place to do it since someone started a thread about this subject of "enforcing the rules"

      and I love how the picture of the sheep's prolapsed ******* was taken down.... was the user who posted it warned? or possibly banned for habitually breaking the rules.... probably not and that just proves my point of this crap will never stop.... people will not take the rules seriously until some banhammers start dropping publicly and people are made examples of....

      Quote Originally Posted by Elbows View Post
      You should instead be praising the fact that life is so good, and safe that you can be afforded the luxury to be outraged by the death of one civilian, at the other end of the world. That's phenomenal.
      Quote Originally Posted by Jim Harbaugh
      Who's got it better then us?!? ...... Nooooo-body!!!

    2. 04-28-2012 07:40 PM #77
      This thread is dumb. It got bholed, big deal. Want fap material, there's plenty on the web. No need to cry abut the rules of the free forum that no one is required to use. Find a porn forum. Either people keep it according to the rules or we end up losing the OT forum. Whaaa.

      Quote Originally Posted by mrnicejetta View Post
      you lie very poorly, you're just a S.O.B., you're looking for internet fame, or some combination of the aforementioned. I pity you.

    3. Moderator SOAR's Avatar
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      Oct 11th, 2007
      Ballard, WA
      '86 Scirocco, '07 Rabbit, '09 MINI JCW
      04-28-2012 07:42 PM #78
      If you have any further issues or concerns about this forum, moderators, or admins... Please feel free to PM.

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