VWVortex.com - anybody have an n18 valve i can borrow?
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    Thread: anybody have an n18 valve i can borrow?

    1. 04-27-2012 10:17 PM #1
      So apparently my n18 valve is not working properly on my tdi. Its the egr vacuum control valve. Almost the exact same as the n75 valve.
      I didn't know as I have had it disconnected since the last time I past emissions.

      If anybody has an old one I could use. Or buy.
      Or I could just use the one off your car to pass emissions. That would be sweet.

      Bap said 70 bucks and I don't even know if its the right part they had a different part number. Plus I have to wait for them to order it.
      Kind of pointless just to use it for 30 min.

      I know there aren't many tdi guys out there but I figured id give it a shot.

    2. 05-02-2012 05:24 PM #2
      Never mind just ended up doing the "maf-twist" trick. Just spin the maf until it reads the correct flow.
      Can't believe that works.

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