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    Thread: BBS RM's 15" staggered and clean SEPA

    1. 04-28-2012 10:09 AM #1
      Ok guys, just put the big lips on the rear (3.5") along with new rear tires and all 4 wheels got new gold bolts from BFI. Fronts are 1.5 inch lips with 40% on tires, so the front wheels are 8 inch and 10's (yup) out back. I have BBS on all 3 of my cars and I'm ready for something different (I'm hoping for lambo wheels) I would much rather see these go to a dubber but if I have to I'll post them on the bimmer boards. The sale will also include an extra set of 1.5 inch lips so if you want 8 inch all around you can change them back, keep them as spares, or sell them and score an easy $200. Ok poke fans... you can hit me here or text me (717)572-4736

      $2000 or $1850 without tires

      with the 1.5 inch lips all around

      With the big lips

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    2. 04-28-2012 10:56 AM #2
      PS, I'm also open to trades or trades and cash if you have something dope -

    3. 04-29-2012 07:45 PM #3
      buy my wheels - they are sexy!

    4. 04-30-2012 11:11 AM #4
      pm replied more pics to come

    5. Member virginia_b4's Avatar
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      04-30-2012 11:37 PM #5
      not trying to be a d!ck, but I don't need to buy wheels, it just that I'm building a set of rm's and was curious as to how much poke those lips give. Thinking about 3" lips but am not sure. Any pics of it from the back.

    6. 05-04-2012 02:35 PM #6
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    7. 05-04-2012 03:05 PM #7
      new pics - shows poke

    8. 05-07-2012 10:35 AM #8

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