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    Thread: Totally Stumped! 99 golf gti

    1. 04-28-2012 12:10 PM #1
      Ok so, i bought this car last week, i knew what i was getting into seeing how my brother had a mk3. I have a 99 golf gti with a 1.8t swap.

      The other day i was driving and the car just cut out, so i pushed it into a spot and began searching. The fuel relay and the fuel pump are working. There was no power going to the fuel pump fuse so i jumped it and still nothing. So my question is, why wont the car start? It has gas and turns over like it wants to. Its like it is not getting gas but everything seems to be fine! Please help

    2. 05-03-2012 12:17 PM #2
      Have you checked that the ignition system is functioning properly? The coil may have gone bad.

    3. Member _Brenon_'s Avatar
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      05-03-2012 12:29 PM #3
      Fuel Filter may be clogged
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