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    Thread: Please please help!!! Engine head isnt getting any oil :'(

    1. 04-28-2012 01:19 PM #1
      hey there u guys my head is not getting any oil pressure and i dont wanna fry my engine!! how can i fix this?! the oil light came on the dash. i appreciate it very much!

    2. Member gregg3gs's Avatar
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      May 15th, 2004
      Atlanta, GA (the A)
      04_A4_1.8TQ_SMS_K04+, 08_X5_4.8i; Previous: 01_A4_1.8_TQ, 01_Golf, 01_Jetta, 93_Passat_VR6_+_Garrett
      04-28-2012 09:04 PM #2
      was it yellow/orange or red?

    3. Junior Member JDub713's Avatar
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      Feb 25th, 2012
      Los Angeles
      '02 Passat 1.8T - '15 Audi A3 1.8T -'15 GTI S Motorcycle: Ducati Sport 1000
      05-03-2012 10:06 AM #3
      First thing I would do is assume you have a blockage, which is common on VW/Audi motors at the oil pump pick up tube. Take a look under the valve cover after you've removed the oil fill cap, it might be difficult to see because of the oil baffle. Does it look like there's a bunch of black jelly on everything? If the cams, journals, and inside of cylinder head aren't shiny, and have turned to a dark brown color, than means the engine has a sludge problem. If that's the case, remove the oil pan and check the pick up tube.

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