Hi there.

I am looking to spend the next 2-3 years picking up some additional education which will lead directly to a job. I have a BA, worked a while at a cubicle job, became disillusioned then kind of spent the last few years working overseas, teaching English and studying a foreign language. I have acquired language accreditation so thats great, and I am looking into doing interpretation/translation work, but I need something to accompany that, or something different altogether, something that will help me define a field in which to work. I am 31 and need to kick it into high gear before I get too old.

My degree is just an Arts (useless) degree so picking up another undergraduate degree isnt out of the question but again, Id like something that will lead somewhat more directly to a job of some kind. A post graduate degree or technical certification of some kind would be cool, although I reckon the tech. part would be kind of tough to do online.

For example my friend recently self-studied and passed a 3-level CFP course and will soon move to Dubai and work as a financial planner. I imagine there are standardized tests/accreditation for accounting and other fields too.

What else is out there that will still be useful in a few years time?
I browsed some online University websites and here is what Ive come up with so far:

undergrad in Human Resources/Labor relations
undergrad in Health Administration

Any recruiters or headhunters have any helpful input on what your average uni. under graduate can do with 2-3 years time to really increase their chances of landing a decent job?