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    Thread: rs4 reps. What size spacers will look good.

    1. 04-29-2012 10:47 AM #1
      I already posted this in the wheel and tire forum but had no results.

      I had just bought some nice rs4 reps with an offset of 45. The original b5 Avus wheels are et42. The lug nuts obviously will go too far into the hub without clamping the rim so I know I will need spacers. To end up with an offset of 42 (back to original) I know it needs 3mm spacers.

      My question is , what is a great looking offset on the b5 A4? Could I try maybe getting spacers to end up with and offset of maybe 35 or will it be a problem?

      Sorry, i have tried searching but have not found a closer answer.


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      04-29-2012 01:52 PM #2
      The offset has nothing to do with whether the lug bolts fit or not - it simply determines where the centreline of the rim sits relative to the mounting face. The new wheels will bolt up exactly the same as the other ones, but be aware most aftermarket wheels use a taper bolt seat rather than the OE radius seat so you will need new bolts anyway.

      There is only 3mm difference, so bolt 'em up and see how they look. You can use the radius bolts to test the fitment and decide how big spacers you want, then buy appropriate bolts and spacers from there
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