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    Thread: Engine Timing questions - 276* cam/adj. gear.

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      04-29-2012 11:11 AM #1
      Searched a little and didn't come up with much. Wish I had a Bentley manual.

      Anyway, I put in a 276 TT cam and chip in my car and a new tensioner/timing belt. It's a 98 ABA. I was wondering about the timing marks. I was going through TT"s site and they have pictures of the different timing marks on the flywheel and such for distributor timing and cam timing. I've only noticed the '0' on the flywheel. The distributor is suppose to be 6*BTDC when the cam is between IO? (what does "IO" mean?) I did the timing of the motor with all the marks centered as best as I can and the cam can only be a 1/2 tooth off - I can't get it exactly on. The engine runs nicely and all, but was wondering about the distributor having to be 6* BTDC, etc. I have an adj. cam gear to play around with the cam timing, but searching for information on these only comes up with a plethora of classified ads for the gears (might be trying to tell me something. ) What is the procedure for timing the motor in the Bentley manual? Just want to get the timing/performance just right.

      Thanks for taking the time to read and help out.

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      04-30-2012 12:41 AM #2
      You will need a timing light to adjust ignition timing, as for the cam timing mark (IO is the mark on the cam pulley) they are rarely bang on, as long as its as close as possible.
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      04-30-2012 05:22 AM #3
      Just line up everything adjustable (dist, cam and crank or flywheel) to zero. Then with a timing light with an advance and retard feture, set it to plus 6 as in 6 degrees advance. Now line up through the flywheel the zero mark as that will be 6 degrees advance. To find crankshaft TDC so you can line up the TDC of the cam, use a long wood dowel stock and place it inside the spark plug hole and locate where it stops while turning the crank pulley.

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      04-30-2012 06:12 AM #4
      Quote Originally Posted by Little Golf Mklll View Post
      You will need a timing light to adjust ignition timing

      A what? A timing light?? This isnt the small block Chevy forum.

      Everything you need to know about timing your motor can be found here...


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